Why Self Redevelopment of housing Society?

Society members had been investing on their own Property for more than 25 years, be means on Loan initially and later on as Society Charges. During the course of time these Buildings do age out and hence it requires either Building repairs and maintenance or redevelopment. Self redevelopment will guarantee every society members maximum benefits possible.

Most Societies in Mumbai , today, can avail maximum benefit of the same by the help of redevelopment. While taking maximum benefits, the most expensive commodity like Timely delivery, your own property handing over to non-reliable person / company, quality of work, etc. needs to be taken utmost care of. So the best way is to go for Self-Redevelopment in Mumbai.

Following are the points for Developer redevelopment V/S Self-Redevelopment in Mumbai.

  Developer Oriented Redevelopment Self-Redevelopment
Knowledge & Technical Expertise Yes Yes
Skill of Dealing with MCGM and Other Authorities Yes Yes
Design as per Society Member’s Requirements never 100% Yes
Final Authority Developer’s Own Decision Society’s Team
Time taken for Decision Relatively Short Relatively long, as it’s team to understand the situation and arrive to decision
Understanding of Quality and Cost of Resources & Amenities Decided by developer Decided by society members
Additional Carpet Area On developer's name On society's name
Corpus Fund Generation Low High
Project Commencement & Completion Decided by developer Decided by society members
Investment Capability & Fund Management Depends on developer to developer Bank loan arranged and managed by society members
Rental & Mobilization Decided by developer Decided by society members
Managing IOD, CC, TDR / FSI Depends on developer to developer Taken on the name of the society

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