Who shall go for Self-Redevelopment in Mumbai

Most Societies in Mumbai , today, can avail maximum benefit of the same by the help of redevelopment. While taking maximum benefits, the most expensive commodity like Timely delivery, your own property handing over to non-reliable person / company, quality of work, etc. needs to be taken utmost care of. So the best way is to go for Self-Redevelopment in Mumbai.

Self Redevelopment of the Society truly means Redevelopment of the Society, by the Society & For the society . Since in this kind of Redevelopment there is total participation and involvement of the Society and its members, there is complete transparency in the process.

Society member shall come together to think about following to decide if they really want to go ahead with Self Redevelopment process

  • Any Co-operative Housing Society, who wants to ‘Help Each Other to Grow Together’ ( सब का साथ सब का विकास.)
  • If you come under the category mentioned above you must believe in Self Redevelopment.
  • Any Co-Operative Housing Society, where Existing FSI Consumed is 1.0 or More.
  • The Co-Operative Housing Society, who wants to avail Maximum benefits with little infusion of fund for self redevelopment (Such as Max. Area, Max. Corpus, Max Car Parking, Max. Amenities & here major funding will be from bank loan).
  • Small Societies (CHSL) (Example – lesser than 2500 Sq.m), who do not want to redevelop their societies from Non- Reputed Developer or un-reliable Developer.
  • Cooperative Housing Society Ltd., who wants to redevelop as per members’ own requirements.
  • Any Housing Society (HSG Society), Who wants time bound completion of Redevelopment of their building.
  • Any Co-operative Housing Society(CHSL), Who wants to keep Complete Control of Redevelopment process.
  • Any Cooperative Housing Society, Who wants 100% legal Property Rights with Society and not with Developer.
  • The Cooperative Housing Society, who wants complete transparency.

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