About Swayam

We, Swayam Redevelopment, are the leading Self redevelopment consultant in Mumbai.

The most expensive thing in Mumbai is good living space. Mumbai being financial capital, you can earn bread & butter for family very easily but it is very difficult to have a good living space. And you have invested your hard earned money in a property (flat) long ago. Now time has approached where you would wish to go for Redevelopment. Today society’s trust factor with the Developers has unfortunately reduced tremendously. Thus we recommend you to be your own developer i.e. Swayam (self ) developer.

We, Swayam Redevelopment, are here to guide you through Self redevelopment Process.

Most Societies in Mumbai , today, can avail maximum benefit of the same by the help of redevelopment. While taking maximum benefits, the most expensive commodity like Timely delivery, your own property handing over to non-reliable person / company, quality of work, etc. needs to be taken utmost care of. So the best way is to go for Self-Redevelopment in Mumbai.

Self Redevelopment of the Society truly means Redevelopment of the Society, by the Society & For the society . Since in this kind of Redevelopment there is total participation and involvement of the Society and its members, there is complete transparency in the process.

Our team of Architects & Engineers who have been involved in the field of building Construction, Redevelopment projects, Designs, Liasioning, for more than 2 decades are very well acquainted with D C rules and regulations of M.C.G.M & have complete knowledge of the industry. Thus we are very well aware of the ways and means developer use for exploring maximum plot potential. Using that knowledge, we would be guiding society’s through entire Self-Redevelopment process to avail maximum Plot potential to the benefit of Scoiety. Our Project Management team (PMC) keeps check on the construction work and ensures the best quality of construction and timely completion of the project from contractors and vendors.

Our company philosophy is to provide, technical & construction knowledge and advice Societies, those are willing to do Self Redevelopment. We at Swayam wish to be a part of your project from the initial stage and be your backbone until the end of the Project. 'Swayam' Redevelopment Consultant will work in conjunction with Society, and Society can also select specific services as desired for their projects.

Our mission is to empower residential societies by handholding them through good consultancy practices in the complete re-birth of their Dream House. While doing this we are going to change the future of redevelopment projects. So that it truly becomes ‘Swayam’ Redevelopment.

Our vision is to Empower, Educate, Enable, Envision and Evolve (5 E) 500 Societies (App. 20,000 Families) in next 5 Years i.e. by 2022, when Bharat Celebrates 75 Years of Independence.

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